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 Hello Server Players! Players of Xeonscape!

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Hello Server Players! Players of Xeonscape! Empty
PostSubject: Hello Server Players! Players of Xeonscape!   Hello Server Players! Players of Xeonscape! EmptyWed Jan 18, 2012 7:20 pm

Hello Server Players! Players of Xeonscape!

I would like to say the 3 following news topics.

First off, since taking over Xeonscape it was a great Run and I have learned a lot from our team members. I am sorry to let you guys know I have stepped down from Running the Xeonscape World due to Family Things, Working a lot and School being vary important in my life at this point of time. But in other words I have given all the vps information to my fellow mate Allen all known as Alexandra. I would like to thank all the players and Staff for keeping this server alive. Also the Sexy beast Zamorak for his hard work here and there. Squad for the forums, Thanks mate.

In other News, I have been thinking hard and I took some time to think about this and what I have decided is a big change, I have decided to change the server into another source that I have been coding and an old project of time. This Server is a bit different but still 317 project! I will be looking into it, and see what I must do, but before anything happens I will have to speak with Zamorak and Alexandra.

Third and final News is that, we need money for the vps. We are looking for 45.00 every month witch isn’t a lot to ask for from our great community. I am asking for Donators that can Donate MoneyPak Cards, PayPal and Onebip all to go towards our Vps hosting.

Thank you for listening and if you have anything to say, please comment.

By: Timer
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Hello Server Players! Players of Xeonscape!
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